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Acoustics in education

Interior Designers: Rosie Taylor - Unispace

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Acoustic Solution for Westmount New Learning Centre

Innovation in interior acoustics in education

Westmount School recently refurbished their Kaipara campus to include a new learning centre designed around modern learning styles. The learning centre includes a large open collaborative area, banquet seating, and glazed brainstorm and project rooms. Although aesthetically pleasing, the hard surfaces and large open space had the potential to produce high levels of noise reverberation – creating a disruptive learning environment.


Aware of the potential issue, interior design group Unispace sought out a high-performing custom acoustic solution that would be visually appealing whilst enhancing the fun and engaging learning environment.


Solution – Product & Installation


Having previously worked with Autex, Unispace Associate Designer Rosie Taylor approached Account Manager Anton Agnew for a practical acoustic solution that would complement the school’s vibrant culture. Autex FrontierTM was the obvious choice for an acoustic ceiling fin system that was simple to install, with exceptional acoustic absorption. Working in collaboration with Autex, Unispace designed a rippled water pattern forming a soft, fluid, kinetic illusion that changes as you move around the learning centre.


74 bespoke Frontier fins were water cut in colours Senado, Flatiron, and Savoye. Fixed to the ceiling system using the patented Frontier channels and Frontier connector system, the installation process was smooth and easy, saving the installers plenty of time. The ‘rippled water pattern’ had lights suspended in between fins to create a vibrant glisten, highlighting the contemporary colours to further complement the space.

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Benefits & Feedback

Post installation of Frontier, the new learning centre promotes a calm yet collaborative environment, benefiting students and staff alike. On the success of this project, similar projects are in the pipelines for the Nelson and Hastings Westmount campuses.


Frontier is highly durable, non-allergenic, non-irritant, and non-toxic. The complete design flexibility of Frontier fins allows endless possibilities and solutions for environments in need of acoustic treatment.

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