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Architect: SpaceInvader

Installer: J Carey Design

Categories: Hospitality

Builder: Caddick Construction

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Custom Frontier™ system for Headingley Stadium’s Emerald Suite

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Established in 1890, Headingley Stadium has been a Leeds landmark for 130 years. Unlike traditional oval stadiums, Headingley has two adjacent grounds—the Headingley Cricket Ground and the Headingley Rugby Stadium. Dividing the two is a new corporate hospitality space, with panoramic views of each field. Completed in 2019, the hospitality space boasts eight event suites, 12 meeting rooms, and 36 hotel rooms, designed to be a world-class venue and corporate destination.


“Raft was chosen for the space because of its sleek aesthetic and effectiveness in open-plan environments.”

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Interior designers SpaceInvader worked alongside Caddick Construction, tackling the project with a blend of functionality, flexibility, and aspiration. Finding the balance between timeless corporate design and practical event space meant incorporating design elements that perform a dual purpose.


A feature of the building, the Emerald Suite functions as a versatile event space; easily configured to be a theater one night and a dinner and dance hall the next. Due to the 500-person capacity and spatial flexibility, the acoustics had to be perfect. Originally SpaceInvader were investigating an off-the-shelf product, however, when unimpressed with the offering, Autex were brought on to create a bespoke solution.

While the acoustics were a priority, SpaceInvader wanted a treatment that could double as a design feature. A custom Frontier Acoustic Raft system was designed and installed as 40 mm slats; equal parts Flatiron and Savoye used to create a banded salt-and-pepper ceiling feature. Raft was chosen for the space because of its sleek aesthetic and effectiveness in open-plan environments. The compressed polyester outer shell absorbs high frequencies, while the calculated air gap in the centre absorbs lower frequencies. Spread across the expanse of the space, the Raft system controls the reverb and echo that would otherwise be exacerbated by the parallel glass walls.


Completed on time and within budget, the finished space tastes of subtle elegance with rich, warm accents. The soft furnishings and tasteful luxury are matched with acoustic comfort, successfully creating space for people to eat, drink, and celebrate in the company of others.

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