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Architect: DC8 Studios

Installer: Evolve Construction

Categories: Commercial, Offices

Photographer: Provided by DC8 Studio

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Elegant acoustic solution for Shoreline display suite

Supporting our local community for a brighter future

Halfway between Brisbane CBD and the Gold Coast lies the picturesque Redland Bay—the chosen location for Queensland’s newest community, Shoreline. Boasting an impressive combination of bushland, waterfront, parklands, and cafes, the 279-hectare Shoreline development will house up to 10,000 residents and provide locals with a range of exciting facilities, including a sporting ground and retail complex.


In order to provide prospective buyers with a tangible vision of what to expect from the new community, Shoreline’s developer, Lendlease, enlisted the interior design expertise of DC8 Studio to create a display suite within a small retail shop in nearby Victoria Point.


“Autex always have their finger on the pulse and are proactive with installation and product ideas, which ensures we always end up with the best possible result”.


Design challenges


For DC8 Studio’s lead interior designer, Kara Kennedy, the display suite location was perfect, however with a strong street presence, the size proved a major challenge. “We needed to sell the community ‘feel’—including the various accommodation options, retails spaces, and surrounding facilities—within an 80 sqm, long, narrow shop space”, Kennedy reveals. “Our brief was to create a homey atmosphere, and we wanted to promote the colours and influences of the surrounding environment, so we aimed for a ‘bush meets lake’ feel and created private meeting booths and a kids’ zone, which enabled us to fit everything in”


While Kennedy’s team came up with a range of smart solutions to convey the many different themes in such a small space—such as interactive digital screens, a living moss wall, and private meeting booths—they were also keen to exploit the shop’s main feature—very high, 3.6 metre ceilings. “We were very lucky with the ceilings, as they provided that extra space we needed to stop everything feeling crammed in”, explains Kennedy, “But it was a very ugly standard ceiling grid, so we had to be creative with it”.

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Acoustic solution

Creativity came in the form of Autex’s Frontier™ acoustic Fins. Having previously worked with Autex products, Kennedy knew that Autex would be able to provide the highest performing acoustic solution, matched with cutting edge design. “The Fins were the absolute perfect solution”, enthuses Kennedy. “Aesthetically, not only did they create a beautiful wave which met with the natural look and feel we wanted, but they actually mirror the Shoreline logo. They entice you into the space and look like waves of ripples on the water. From an installation perspective, they were remarkably easy—they simply fitted straight onto the ceilings, integrated easily with the lighting and slotted around the aircon grills”

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