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Designing a creative hub

Architect: MCM Architects

Installer: JBH Acoustics

Categories: Commercial, Offices, Project

Interior Designers: MCM

Builder: Structure Tone

Photographer: Gavin Stewart

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Project Spotlight: Havas Media -  A creative community


Creating a creative community for 1700 people under one roof is no small feat, but one that Havas Media wanted to bring to life for their staff. As one of the world’s largest global advertising and communications groups, they wanted their work environment to bring the best collaboration that a shared space can create. We were involved in the design and renovation of these UK award winning headquarters at London’s Pancras Square House. With such a large space and variety of rooms, acoustic solutions were needed to ensure the space was comfortable for all inhabitants.


To design a functioning creative community in one building, there are a range of challenges to overcome. Ensuring that the right acoustics were met across a variety of areas within this project was our largest to overcome. Ranging from 200 person auditoriums through to open plan offices, there was no one fit solution to meet the widespread demands.

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The solution that was selected to help make these spaces comfortable and efficient for all inhabitants was Cube. This versatile acoustic panel allowed our team to design tailored solutions for each space, boosting collaboration amongst employees while encouraging informal collaboration spaces in sophisticated settings. Having these acoustic features also playing a pivotal role in the overall aesthetics helped to meet the desired concept of creating a Havas vertical village. An integrated space providing a truly comfortable experience for all inhabitants.

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