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Impactful yet adaptable design

Architect: tp bennett

Installer: iBuild

Categories: Commercial, Offices

Account Manager: Alice Atiola

Photographer: Wojtek Nowak

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Leveraging innovative acoustics for timeless solutions

The project

Having been engaged to refurbish their client’s London office, tp bennett was tasked with designing a new town hall zone within the existing space. The aim was to introduce an impactful new breakout area that maintained the high-quality, timeless aesthetic of the office without compromising acoustic comfort.


The challenge


Being accustomed to what was previously a high-quality office, the scope of the refurbishment was to preserve the design intent of the original fit-out whilst incorporating interventions designed to improve and future-proof the space for an agile working environment.


It was imperative that the new elements were seamlessly translated from the old design into the new space as if they had always been there. However, being a live office environment, there was difficulty in accurately determining the available room for acoustic treatment. Given the changing design requirements and the building’s standard Category A accessible ceiling tiles, adaptability was essential.

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The solution

The Frontier™ Axis grid system was the logical choice for the project. Aside from reducing sound reverberation and being a striking visual feature, the flexible nature of the system meant it withstood updates and changes without affecting the aesthetic or necessitating more difficult, expensive, or less effective options.


During site work, the grid could be manufactured and adjusted to maximise plank height without requiring local cut-outs for structural elements or services. This allowed for a seamless grid installation even with complex MEP and structural components.


The ability to adapt the grid’s measurements also facilitated even distribution of pendant lighting and air diffusers. The possibility of adding accessible sections to the grid made it much easier for the MEP consultant to locate additional fan coil units just above the grid – a more accessible alternative to the consultant having to follow the cell size and locations or adjust the grid to the unit positions.


In keeping with the client’s desire for a warm, deep, natural colour palette, the Frontier system was locally manufactured in Cube™ Sargazo to complement the existing earthy brass shades within the otherwise minimalistic design.

The result

Beyond the inherent acoustic benefits of the installation, the collaboration between tp bennett and the Autex Acoustics team was a resounding success, exemplifying adaptability, flexibility, and thoughtful design.


Our capacity to provide comprehensive tools and information about the product application and our design support on-site, assisting with grid reconfigurations required during the design process, proved invaluable. Likewise, the flat-pack, lightweight nature of the product facilitated easy delivery and storage until installation, streamlining the construction process.


The innovative and cost-effective nature of the Frontier system ensured that tp bennett could maintain the client’s initial choice despite ongoing modifications.

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