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How designers use acoustic panels in an open plan office

Architect: Designwell

Installer: Polygonomy

Categories: Offices, Project

Interior Designers: Designwell

Account Manager: Aaron Simmonds

Designer: Luke Walker

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Project spotlight: Designwell - elegant creativity


Designwell is an interdisciplinary design team with expertise in interiors, architecture, spatial, and industrial design. Their collaborative, human-focused approach to design work requires plenty of collaboration in an environment that promotes creativity for all. As designers, they knew what it would take to make this project a success. Ensuring that a range of elements worked in cohesion to make the shared space comfortable for all inhabitants was crucial.


While open plan offices are a great way to bring teams together, they can also be difficult to work in. Without the use of adequate acoustics, these spaces can become uncomfortable and negatively impact your productivity with unnecessary noise. However, Removing noise is one issue but in the modern workplace staff are looking to be in a space that helps to promote their personal growth and professional skills. Creating a space where efficient and creative work can take place can help to improve the quality of work created by your staff.

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To help achieve this, Lanes have been installed in the style Peak and colour Opera. Through the use of repetition, each peak catches light casting unique shadows on what would be a flat surface. This elegant feature spans the length and height of one of their interior walls giving it subtle character. The space now stands out in a way that doesn’t distract or overly stimulate the inhabitants.


Additionally, the improved acoustics within the space promote collaboration in whatever creative format that may be. This allows Design well team to continue to design beautiful spaces throughout the Waikato.

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