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Installer: Prestige Acoustics

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Radford College: beautiful, practical acoustics

Radford College is a modern Anglican co-educational school committed to helping every child—from pre-k to year 12—fulfil their potential. Understanding that good acoustics are crucial to learning and development, Radford College sought the help of Autex Acoustics® preferred installers, Prestige Acoustics, to create classrooms where both students and teachers can thrive.


Without acoustic treatment, classrooms are noisy, stressful spaces. On average, students mishear every fourth word, and teachers have to strain their voices to be heard—putting them at risk of health complications. Applying acoustically absorbent surfaces in the classroom reduces distractions and keeps ambient noise levels down, making it easier for students and teachers to hear each other clearly.

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A practical solution

Radford College required an acoustic solution that was aesthetically pleasing, yet practical and tough. While the college caters to all ages, these classrooms are home to primary school classes. Young children are active and often learn through play, so classroom furnishings need to be robust enough to withstand a variety of learning activities.


Symphony®, a roll form acoustic wallcovering, was perfect for the space. Made from 100% needle punched, thermally bonded polyester fibre—with a minimum of 60% recycled fibre—Symphony is durable with a sleek, flat pile finish. As Symphony is pinnable, the classes have plenty of space to display artwork, posters and lesson resources. “I love it, it has made such a huge difference to our day-to-day. The colours are great and we can pin all over it”, one teacher noted.

With acoustic treatment, the classrooms offer the children a balanced environment to focus on quiet individual work, dictated lessons, and group activities. Teachers don’t have to raise their voice to be heard, reducing stress, fatigue, and vocal strain. Designed to take anything life throws at it, Symphony offers peace of mind; no matter how hands on the children are, it will maintain a neat, tidy aesthetic.

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