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Soho Place Theatre - bespoke acoustic solutions

Architect: AHMM

Installer: Quest Joinery

Categories: Arts and culture, Bespoke, Hospitality, Project

Account Manager: Amy Marrocco

Photographer: Gavin Stewart

Developer: Derwent

Client: Nimax Theatre

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Collaboration makes Soho Place Theatre a success

A partnership in design

@SohoPlace, located at 2 & 4 Soho Place W1, London, is a multifaceted project that combines elements of Theatre, Hospitality, and Retail across seven levels designed by AHMM. Detailed design, fabrication and installation by Quest Joinery. As part of this project, we were tasked with creating bespoke acoustic treatments to give this space a truly unique and memorable feel. This case study provides an insight into the collaborative approach taken to ensure this remarkable complex was a success.


Project overview:


With so many varied spaces, @SohoPlace presented a challenging environment to design for. To ensure optimal sound quality, comfort for visitors, and an engaging aesthetic were all achieved, bespoke acoustics were needed. The project involved lining walls and ceilings with our, Cube™ acoustic panels in both 12 mm and 24 mm thickness. Pinnacle was the colour selected for its deep blue tones, giving this solution both aesthetic appeal and acoustic performance.



Wall lining – precision and durability:


The areas that our acoustic solutions would be used in have a high level of foot traffic and so require long-term durability and performance features. To ensure our solution could meet these demands, we employed reverse incision cuts onsite, allowing the Cube 12 mm and 24 mm in Pinnacle to curve seamlessly around 90-degree corners. This approach eliminated messy chamfer 45-degree joins, resulting in a cleaner and more polished finish.



Ceiling treatments – innovative triangle formation:


All ceilings, including those in the bar, corridor, social, and retail areas, were formed using a unique tiled formation cut of Cube. This approach involved the full design and fabrication of a fully demountable bespoke ceiling solution that was designed, trailed, and then fabricated by Quest Joinery. Autex Acoustics panels have adhered to a suspension grid utilising magnets, backed up with safety chains for safety. Tiles were formed with shadow gaps cut into the Cube panels as well as intermediate shadow gaps between the tiles. The designed solution was developed and tested to meet both the aesthetic and operational requirements that this unique project required. The end solution not only added aesthetic appeal but also effectively encouraged volume-based specifications for large areas, providing consistent acoustic performance throughout the space while providing full accessibility for maintenance and renewal operations.



Collaborative approach:


Success in these projects is often only achieved when multiple parties collaborate together. That is exactly what we did in this project, working closely with Architects, Interior Designers, Quest Joinery, and other stakeholders to fully understand the project’s acoustic requirements. Having all of these parties working from planning to implementation ensured that the acoustic treatments were seamlessly integrated into the overall design concept while meeting the client’s expectations. A partnership in design.

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Client Testimonials:

The complexity of this project speaks to the work and partnerships involved in ensuring that it was a success. In this setting, the bespoke Cube panels really shine, displaying their versatility in both acoustic performance and design potential. On top of this, you can hear the difference these bespoke acoustics make. The overall ambience and sound quality within the space have been noted by Nimax management. A great compliment from those who truly know this space.


@SohoPlace is a testament to the power of working as partners in design. The result of this partnership is acoustic solutions that elevate the auditory experience in a complex and multifunctional space. Combining precision craftsmanship, innovative techniques, and a collaborative approach, we successfully delivered an acoustic environment that enhances visitors’ overall experience.

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