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Acoustics for working environments

Architect: Gray Puksand

Installer: ISM

Categories: Offices

Photographer: Shannon Mcgrath

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Work-life balance in Melbourne’s bustling CBD

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A new commercial precinct comprised of 130 Lonsdale, 140 Lonsdale, and 150 Lonsdale Street has firmly established itself in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. Touted as a progressive business and lifestyle community, the recently completed 130 Lonsdale Street commercial tower will be home to numerous high-powered businesses with a thriving corporate culture.  


Designed by architects Gray Puksand, the space is built to offer occupants premium amenities, elegant offices and meeting rooms—powered by state-of-the-art technology. While many modern developments come at a cost to the environment, 130 Lonsdale Street has intentionally sought to do the opposite—achieving a 6-Star Green Star rating, a 5-Star NABERS rating, and Platinum WELL Certification by specifying environmentally conscious building materials and processes.

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Acoustic treatment a stunning, sculptural feature

Located across four floors, the sleek corporate paradise centres around a grand ‘breakout space’—a glass and marbleclad oasis where staff can host casual meetings, relax and unwind, and socialise. As staff wellbeing was front of mind throughout the design and planning stages, the acoustics of the breakout space were crucial. Reverberation and echo cause stress and fatigueand in spaces with extensive hard, reflective surfaces such as marble and glass—these symptoms are exemplified. Noting that the space has capacity for over 300 people, Gray Puksand knew that, if left un-treated, the room would become a chaotic echo chamber.

In keeping with the handsome, polished grey aesthetic, custom Talus Frontier Acoustic Fins in Flatiron were specified as a ceiling feature. The gentle, rippling Fins are mesmerizinga captivating centerpiece that functions as both sculpture and high-performance acoustic system. Manufactured under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified Quality and Environmental Management systems, with a minimum of 60% recycled PET and low VOC, Frontier Acoustic Fins were the perfect choice for the environmentally conscious build.  


Knowing that a thriving office needs space for staff to retreat from high-pressure environments, Gray Puksand’s choice to juxtapose busy work zones with a calm, relaxing breakout space ensures the health and happiness of future occupants. 

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