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Project Spotlight: Work Life, Old Street 

Architect: tWO Ltd

Photographer: Thomas Fallon

Categories: Offices, Offices, Project

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A bold workplace alive in both sight and sound

The challenge

When Work Life approached tWO Ltd to renovate their Old Street in London, they had a very distinct idea of what they wanted to achieve. Looking to capture their ethos and design intent and reflect the surrounding area’s artistic heritage, they also knew they had to ensure their new space was a functional yet bold co-working environment. This space needed to reflect the new way of working in a post pandemic world. Having these plans is often easier said than done with the building posing its own challenges.


The solution:


The decision was made to work with the building’s beautiful industrial features that are a nod towards their surrounding area’s history. tWO Ltd looked to create a range of spaces varying in size and function. Some of these spaces include private offices, hot desking options, bookable meeting rooms with virtual video conferencing capabilities, dedicated zoom rooms, and even one person call booths. To reflect the abundance of graffiti art in the area, bright colours were used throughout the project. From deep blues to bright pinks, they wanted this space to be a truly engaging and vibrant place to work.

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The result

When designing an office there are often a variety of spaces each with their own requirements. This is no different here with open office spaces, dining areas, and private meeting rooms. To continue the colourful aesthetic, Cube was chosen as the best suited solution. Cube is a versatile semi-ridged acoustic panel providing endless design flexibility. Available in a variety of colours, Cube allows you to bring your designs to life while knowing whatever you create will promote an acoustically comfortable environment.

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