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Acoustics solutions in the classroom

Designing quality learning environments

Composition® Peel ‘n’ Stick Tiles in Empire, Stonewash, Atlantis, and Blazing Red

Acoustic solutions in the classroom

Driving positive educational outcomes

Speech intelligibility is crucial to learning and development. Studies show that students in classrooms with no acoustic treatment miss every fourth word, making it difficult for them to understand what is being taught. To help you design and build quality learning environments, Autex Acoustics® are designed to control excessive noise and echo in classrooms—creating balanced, peaceful, productive spaces.

Composition® in Falling Water and Savoye on walls, Frontier™ Acoustic Fins in Falling Water and Savoye on ceiling
Composition® in Acros and Lime, Frontier™ Acoustic Fins in Acros and Savoye

Driving positive educational outcomes

Autex’s range of interior acoustic solutions are ideal for use in educational, commercial, hospitality, and retail applications.

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St Luke’s Catholic College—a learning community for the next generation

The ambitious project, led by Alleanza Architecture, took its style inspiration and colour palette from the surrounding environment. This can be seen in the use of sandstone, ‘mountain’ tones, and a roof-top abstract of Australia—while the form followed a ‘city grid’, with a large ‘marketplace’ space around which all the other areas are linked.

Composition® in Flatiron and Mist, Frontier™ Acoustic Fins in Savoye and custom blue


Compostion® in Atlantis on wall

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Custom Frontier™ Acoustic Fins in Savoye

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Composition® Peel ‘n’ Stick Tiles in Empire, Stonewash, Atlantis, and Blazing Red

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